We all live in a watershed.  If you are reading this website, you likely reside in Southeastern Wisconsin, where the rivers of the Root-Pike basin wind their way to Lake Michigan. While our rivers and Lake Michigan are much healthier than they were 10 years ago, they still face major challenges. The challenges come from non-point pollution that is carried by stormwater and snow melt. This new challenge cannot be solved by bigger tunnels and new treatment plants -- it requires community action.  Each of us can have a positive impact on the health of our rivers and Lake Michigan. Maybe you’re thinking that you’re just one person --  and that’s right -- but if we each do our part, all our individual actions will add up.

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PUBlic OuTreach


Every time it rains, anything left on a sidewalk, lawn, or street ends up in storm sewers that flow directly into our rivers and Lake Michigan – the source of the water you drink every day. So, let’s start together, in our own homes, and help to protect our rivers and Lake Michigan! This campaign will help you get started. So what can you do? Start with one of the eight simple tips from Sparkles. To keep up with the news about the campaign and new tips, be sure to “like” our Facebook page.




Each summer since 2012, Respect Our Waters commercial spots have been broadcast regularly on a major Milwaukee television network station. A total of eight PSAs have been created by Eichenbaum + Associates. Our media buy also includes live and taped interviews of our staff, news stories, display ads on the station website, mobile apps, weather apps, and sponsored social media posts. Have you seen Sparkles on TV?



Throughout the summer, we attend a dozen or more events within the Root-Pike basin to provide information and fun educational materials to the public. At each of these events, we give away a rain barrel in a free raffle as well as buttons, bookmarks, stickers, tattoos, activity books, pet waste bags, publications and more! We also provide an opportunity for residents to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to learn more about our watersheds, stormwater runoff, issues and solutions. Look for us in your area this year or contact us to invite us to your event.

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Respect Our Waters staff members are available to present to groups of any size, educating people of all ages on things we can all do to help keep our waters clean. Our experience includes interactive presentations to elementary school children, informational presentations to over 1,000 attendees at conferences, sessions with municipal representatives and workshops with homeowners. Are you interested in booking us to present to your group or conduct a workshop in your facility? Contact us today!