above: Pike River Wetland Restoration in Mount Pleasant


We have plans. Let's restore these rivers.


Who We Are

The Root-Pike basin has significant water quality issues. Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network’s (Root-Pike WIN) mission is to restore, protect and sustain all the watersheds in the Root-Pike basin. More than two decades ago, we were founded by a cooperative effort with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to address specific issues within the Root-Pike basin. In 2001, we became a 501c3 non-profit. Since inception, we have initiated and helped complete more than a half a million dollars in education, restoration, and monitoring projects. Today, we continue to provide education, implementation and monitoring to landowners, municipalities and the general public. We are the catalyst for projects that improve the land – and water – in the Root-Pike basin.


What We Do

Root-Pike WIN has detailed plans based on cooperative input to address watershed issues. We also have the passion and expertise to put the plans’ recommendations into action. These plans are based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Nine-element Watershed Restoration Planning guidelines. Pike River, Root River and Wind Point watersheds have completed plans in place while Oak Creek and Pike Creek are still in the planning process. EPA-approved plans represent years of cooperative efforts, trusted environmental research and significant community involvement. With these plans, Root-Pike WIN is improving water quality, reducing runoff and pollutant loads, slowing the velocity of water volume, restoring natural habitats, and creating places where people want to be.


WHERE We Serve

Root-Pike WIN services the Root-Pike basin, which covers nearly 327 square miles of Southeastern Wisconsin. Included in the Root-Pike basin is the Pike River, Root River, Oak Creek, Pike Creek and Wind Point watersheds. These watersheds encompass more than 200 miles of streams and tributaries, which have changed the landscape and have been changed over many years. Today, the Root-Pike basin and it’s numerous tributaries are increasingly threatened by growth and urbanization. Over 1.6 million residents from Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine and Waukesha Counties interact with and impact this watershed daily. Our reach also extends into the coastal areas and beaches of Lake Michigan where we also help educate on pollution reduction and assist with restoration projects.


Who We Help

  • Municipalities – Helping leaders and technicians become more aware of watershed issues and implement Nine-element plan recommendations in concert with their own development and environmental objectives
  • Private Landowners – Educating and guiding private citizens – from farmers to homeowners – through project planning, design, permitting, easements, implementation, monitoring and maintenance
  • Citizens of the Basin – Bringing awareness to watershed issues and helping implement best practices to reduce pollution and improve habitats
  • Other Non-profit Groups – Providing information, cooperative analysis and prioritized projects to increase results and reduce duplicative efforts
  • Governmental Agencies – Working collaboratively to advance watershed goals, implement best practices and connect stakeholders with solutions and funding


Join us in restoring the Root River, Pike River, Oak Creek, Pike Creek & Wind Point Watershed.